Sunday, February 27, 2011

I have these really great new zippers in stock!

They are SEPARATING & 24" long. They were originally purchased for a designer that put them in black velvet pillows. Instead of putting the zipper across the bottom of the pillow, he put it around the pillow as decoration.

What are others using these for? Jackets, sweaters & evening gowns.

Price is $16.95 each or if you purchase 6 they are $12.95 each.

Life is Short! Zip it Up!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Applying a Zipper Through the Slipcover Skirt

I previously posted pictures of how I put the zipper through a slipcover skirt (2009). But looking back, the pictures aren't as clear as they could be.

I'll snap some new ones tomorrow & publish here.

If I get really creative, I'll put them on my video blog on my website.

Life is Short! Zip it Up!

Friday, February 04, 2011

Chinese New Year

My New Year's Resolution is to post on my blog a couple of times per week!

Sew, am at the shop today. We have been moving things around at the shop to try to make machines & tables more accessible to all. Actually, we are slow this time of year & have taken the time to shovel out after the big job last fall when all paperwork & lining scraps got piled up.

This is a slipcover that we just finished for a nursery. The designer ordered 2 yards less than I asked for & said, "not to worry" about pattern matching. Come to find out, this is a hand printed fabric, drop repeat. Almost impossible to match. But so cute! Customer was thrilled!

Life is Short!
Zip it Up!