Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fall Already!

Can you believe the hot, dry summer is over?

I've always loved summers: dogs in the pool, checking the progress of my tomatoes, mint juleps under the apple tree, getting ready for the installations for Thanksgiving & Christmas (we do 60% of our sewing biz in Oct-Christmas for the year!)

But this year, summer was different.  Instead of lounging under the apple tree, the hills around Ft. Collins were burning.  Instead of enjoying the yard, my husband filed for divorce.  I moved back into my little 900 sq.ft. victorian house downtown from the fabulous 1920's tudor revival we were making into a bed and breakfast.  I closed the store in Denver, but we have enough sewing to keep Mary & Kathleen busy through Christmas.  The Zipper Lady is moving into the victorian stable/garage, just as soon as my carpenter gets finished updating the electric, putting in doors & windows and maybe some heat!

Change is good!  Every time I sell an antique, I buy more interesting zippers!  So you will start seeing some hard to find zippers on shortly.  Plus I'm working on my website & videos.

Onward & Upward!