Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Zipper Fork Trick

If you are having problems putting the slider on your coil zipper, here is a progression of pictures to help you quickly apply the slider onto your tape.

Notice that I took an inexpensive fork & bent it at an angle (just used my fingers). Vise was a .50 garage sale find. Orange clamp is from my local Downtown Ace & it is the $3.00 & 4" long wood clamp.

Pull the tynes of the fork apart so that the zipper head will fit between.  Zipper head is UPSIDE down.  Then the tape is opened about 2" & is UPSIDE down.

Side view……..

Front view……..

Teaching Zipper Tricks & Tips at Rocky Mountain Sewing Expo

Please join me in Denver on February 7 & 8 at 3pm to talk ZIPPERS! On Friday, we will talk about what you need to do to make your love of pillows into a business.  On Saturday I will tell you all my tricks to pick a zipper & install it in your projects.  So, bring all your questions or you can email questions to me at

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Custom Pillows

It's all about the details!
These pillows I made to the designer's specifications:

Notice how they look out of proportion to the headboard.  When you are designing pillows against a high headboard like this, think about making the back pillows higher or the center pillow higher to change the proportions. Squint at your design, like you would a painting, to check lights & darks.

End details of the neckrolls:

Great trim selection!  Trim is long & full.  Made the little button in the middle with leftover trim.