Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Business Retreat Time Again!

August always sneaks up on me! This year I have really interesting speakers at the Business Retreat at my house.

August 3-7, 2011

Come to my house in Fort Collins, Colorado to talk business!

For the 4th year, let's talk about the biz end of our sewing business. We spend most of 4 days around the kitchen table with our laptops working on our websites & blogs; fine tuning our QuickBooks & accounting; having speakers come in about changes in the tax law, accounting, marketing, etc. You will take away a website that YOU can update, fast ways to market your business on the internet, ways to play the SEO (search engine optimization) game, a working blog, and social media submersion.

Learn from your peers! I've learned that we have the same customers, their names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent. If you have a problem, bring it for discussion.

This year Ava Diamond from Feisty Women Rock (, a nationally known motivational speaker, will spend Saturday morning with us helping us find balance in our lives. Her program, "How big is my but...." will surprise all of us.

Cost: $695
-- breakfast, lunch, tea, coffee, goodies
-- dinner for 3 nights (we eat as organic as possible or there are 17 close restaurants)
-- Curtain Lady yoga
-- Curtain Lady sports massage
-- bikes to ride downtown for ice cream & dinner
-- all speakers
-- soft bed, might be double occupancy depending on who comes
-- pick up & delivery to Denver International Airport

I've lowered the price so that everyone can come.
Sign up today, so that you can grow your business in 2012!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Metal Zippers for Zipper Jewelry & Flowers

New Zippers!

I've just started to stock metal toothed zippers in both gold & silver teeth to make accessories, flowers & jewelry out of.

Available colors: hot & baby pink
lime green
taxi yellow

Either call or email for your samples today!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Creative Sewing Camp

Thanks Sew Much to Susan & Creative Sewing Camp! I had a REALLY good time!

Plan to attend next year. There are only 60 attendees, only 15 in a class & 3 really good square meals a day together.

I'm really sorry to have left early. I got the call that NO mother ever wants. My nephew was killed Saturday night in Boston. The cops still don't know why or how. But it doesn't matter. A great spirit has moved on.

Life is Short!
Kiss your Babies!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

I have these really great new zippers in stock!

They are SEPARATING & 24" long. They were originally purchased for a designer that put them in black velvet pillows. Instead of putting the zipper across the bottom of the pillow, he put it around the pillow as decoration.

What are others using these for? Jackets, sweaters & evening gowns.

Price is $16.95 each or if you purchase 6 they are $12.95 each.

Life is Short! Zip it Up!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Applying a Zipper Through the Slipcover Skirt

I previously posted pictures of how I put the zipper through a slipcover skirt (2009). But looking back, the pictures aren't as clear as they could be.

I'll snap some new ones tomorrow & publish here.

If I get really creative, I'll put them on my video blog on my website.

Life is Short! Zip it Up!

Friday, February 04, 2011

Chinese New Year

My New Year's Resolution is to post on my blog a couple of times per week!

Sew, am at the shop today. We have been moving things around at the shop to try to make machines & tables more accessible to all. Actually, we are slow this time of year & have taken the time to shovel out after the big job last fall when all paperwork & lining scraps got piled up.

This is a slipcover that we just finished for a nursery. The designer ordered 2 yards less than I asked for & said, "not to worry" about pattern matching. Come to find out, this is a hand printed fabric, drop repeat. Almost impossible to match. But so cute! Customer was thrilled!

Life is Short!
Zip it Up!