Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Business Retreat Time Again!

August always sneaks up on me! This year I have really interesting speakers at the Business Retreat at my house.

August 3-7, 2011

Come to my house in Fort Collins, Colorado to talk business!

For the 4th year, let's talk about the biz end of our sewing business. We spend most of 4 days around the kitchen table with our laptops working on our websites & blogs; fine tuning our QuickBooks & accounting; having speakers come in about changes in the tax law, accounting, marketing, etc. You will take away a website that YOU can update, fast ways to market your business on the internet, ways to play the SEO (search engine optimization) game, a working blog, and social media submersion.

Learn from your peers! I've learned that we have the same customers, their names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent. If you have a problem, bring it for discussion.

This year Ava Diamond from Feisty Women Rock (, a nationally known motivational speaker, will spend Saturday morning with us helping us find balance in our lives. Her program, "How big is my but...." will surprise all of us.

Cost: $695
-- breakfast, lunch, tea, coffee, goodies
-- dinner for 3 nights (we eat as organic as possible or there are 17 close restaurants)
-- Curtain Lady yoga
-- Curtain Lady sports massage
-- bikes to ride downtown for ice cream & dinner
-- all speakers
-- soft bed, might be double occupancy depending on who comes
-- pick up & delivery to Denver International Airport

I've lowered the price so that everyone can come.
Sign up today, so that you can grow your business in 2012!

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The Chairy Godmother said...

Wow, this sounds fantastic ZipperLady - I so wish I could join you, but it's a little far from Jamberoo (south coast of NSW Australia) to Denver.
Hope you all have a fun, productive, motivational weekend!