Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Invisible SEPARATING Zippers

These zippers are really wonderful!  This size is a #6 invisible (size of coil) on a twill tape.  These would be good for costuming or a jacket.

This is the back of the zipper & the side that you sew from.

To stitch, separate the 2 sides of the zipper.  Start from the bottom & sew up to the top of your garment. Sew the side without the pull on first.

Then stitch the side of the zipper with the pull & box on it.  Start again from the bottom.  The REALLY COOL (or as my brother would say, "wicked") part of this zipper is the box moves out of the way so that you can stitch from the bottom. THEN the box snaps back over the bottom metal piece & you continue sewing up towards the top of your garment.

If your zipper is too long, then tuck the remainder or trim off to a couple of inches & tuck into the top of your garment.

Life is SHORT! Zip it UP!