Friday, May 20, 2011

Metal Zippers for Zipper Jewelry & Flowers

New Zippers!

I've just started to stock metal toothed zippers in both gold & silver teeth to make accessories, flowers & jewelry out of.

Available colors: hot & baby pink
lime green
taxi yellow

Either call or email for your samples today!


Koren is Vonnie said...

Hi, wanted to ask if the zipper pulls that you sell in your online shop, do they go well with these metal zippers or your regular cushion zippers sold by yards? Thank you!!

Deanna Rood said...

Looking for an ivory/almond metal zipper to make a flower. Yes Kate Gogolak has a big influence on it. It is for one of her crocheted hat patterns. Can you help me find an ivory/almond metal zipper in either gold or silver teeth?