Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Morning at the Bulldog Ranch

Well, I finally re-set my password so that I could write on my blog. Why do I forget my passwords so easily? Am I getting old? How do you'all deal with the thorny issue of passwords?

Next, I have so many email accounts that I can't remember those either. I need a system to write them all down so that I can run through them every day......maybe I should put them on a post-a-note on my screen? First, I'll have to reorganize the other post-a-notes so there is room for a new one!

Ah, Sunday morning. This is the view out my window over my hemmer.

Life is Good!


juls4real said...

I just love passwords (not). I have a file folder. It's called "Password Mania." I leave my passwords there so I can look them up when I need them. Wew wee


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty much a memory mesh of non existant matter (miss spent youth in the 6o's and 70's) what few brain cells that have not seen decay can remember only TWO passwords...those that require letters and numbers and those that don't...alas, I use the same two passwords for every account I use...and of course, I have those written down on post it notes on my desk.
I could put them all in a folder but am quite certain I would forget where I put them...
Your friend in Texas,

Anonymous said...

I recommend using RoboForm (password manager). Very easy & helpful.

Debi said...

I'm so glad to have found you!! I received my order of zippers and it was just what I wanted! It is great to know that I can order any length. From fixing my Tent to my sweater.
Again Thanks
Debi C

sailing yaya's said...

Wow, can I relate to this post! I had to finally start writing down all of my ID's and passwords in a little notebook! It has been priceless! So many sites (like my banking!) will lock you out if you try too many attempts!)
So, here is my question, I found you on another site, and you were telling a beginner how much easier it is to use zippers vs hand sew a pillow closure. I am always battling this too! You suggested a certain type of zipper, what are they and where do I find them? thank you! -Kathleen