Sunday, July 11, 2010

Workroom Biz Retreat

Workroom Business Retreat in Colorado
August 6, 7, & 8, 2010

Join your peers to talk BUSINESS! Find out what works in other businesses around the country. Build your own website with the resident Computer Guru. Learn about FREE internet advertising & what is worth paying for. Fire questions at my Tax Attorney, Business Attorney, Accountants (you can never have enough chocolate cake or accountants), Business Coach. Then to relax, we will learn yoga stretches, massage on demand, martinis (or just lemonade) on the veranda, no-guilt ice cream bike rides, organic food, and white water rafting on Sunday.

August 3 (Tuesday)
We'll pick you up at Denver Airport. Please try to schedule your arrival about 5-7 p.m. Come in a day early to have more time with the Computer Guru or to attend Wednesday's slipcover/cushion class.

August 4 (Wednesday)
Slipcover & fast cushion class. Or spend the day with the Computer Guru working on your website. (Breakfast & Lunch provided.)

August 5 (Thursday)
Everyone else arrives in Denver for the weekend! Please schedule to arrive between 2-4 pm & we'll bring the white van to pick you'all up.
If you are driving, spend the day getting settled & biking around Ft. Collins.
Evening: King Tut at the Denver Art Museum. Dinner in Denver.
Meals: whatever's in the frig

August 6 (Friday)
Start the day with YOGA for Curtain Ladies & breakfast. Coffee pot is on all day.
Put the attorneys on the spot! You may ask them any business questions you might have or tax questions. Contracts? New tax law & how it affects us? Tax planning? Employee issues?
Afternoon is set aside for accounting questions. Ask a certified QuickBooks accountant all those questions that will help you keep track of your biz better.
Evening: Work on your website, blog or just swap stories on the veranda.

August 7 (Saturday)
Keep loose with YOGA for Curtain Ladies & breakfast. Coffee on the veranda.
Morning: Internet marketing for Curtain Ladies. What works, what doesn't, what to pay for and how to make the internet work for your business specifically.
Afternoon: Talk to a Business Coach! She will have lots of ideas to move forward in a new economy.
Evening: Ride the bikes downtown for dinner. (Bring the head-lamp out of your tool box.)

August 8 (Sunday)
Eat breakfast fast & go RIVER RAFTING! Water is low in August. You don't need to know how to swim..... let me show you how beautiful Colorado really is.
Afternoon & Evening: relax on the veranda & talk biz with your new friends.

August 9 (Monday)
I'll take you to Denver International Airport in the morning (arrange your flights for 11-2pm) or you can stay an extra day to play in the mountains.

What's Included:
1) Breakfast, Lunch, Coffee, Lemonade, Tea, Chocolate Cake
2) A bed at my house & showers (don't laugh I tiled the bathrooms). Bed for your dog. Call if you're bringing your husband......
3) All the fees charged by my attorneys, accountants, business coach, yoga teacher.
4) Massage therapist. Did I mention a one hour Curtain Lady massage on Friday, Saturday or Sunday?
5) Bikes for all. Sun screen!
6) River Rafting on Sunday.
7) Pick up and delivery to DIA (Denver International Airport).
8) Access for 4 days to the Computer Guru so that you can leave with a website YOU can update. So bring your laptop!
9) All the laughs you can stand!

What's Extra:
1) Dinner, ice cream out, martinis
2) Any costs for software or stuff for your computer. (We have wifi in the house)
3) King Tut at the Denver Art Museum.

Cost: $720
Wednesday Class: $100

If you are bringing your husband or you need privacy, there is a Best Western 1/2 block away. We're putting all the snorers in the same room!

Husbands & kids are welcome at breakfast & lunch. Please call me for pricing. There are lots of things to do around town and the mountains are close (20 minutes). And of course, they can come river rafting with us.

We live comfortably, but not luxuriously. To keep costs down I'm offering my guest rooms for free. Beds are twins, doubles & queens. Towels are clean, one step up from the Best Western. Kitchen help is appreciated as I'll be doing the cooking.

Costs are based on 10 Curtain Ladies. I only know a couple of Curtain can come too!

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